Pillow Cover Psalm 26:8

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Pillow Cover Psalm 26:8
Pillow Cover Psalm 26:8

Psalm 26:8 Pillow Cover

18" Square Off White, Canvas, Hand Lettered

Hand or delicately wash

This pillow cover is the perfect addition to your home!  It also makes a wonderful gift!

In the Old Testament, God's presence rested on the ark of the covenant.  In Exodus God had the Israelites build the tabernacle, with the ark at the center of the tabernacle in the Most Holy Place (Exodus 40).  At the time when King David wrote Psalm 26, the ark was held in a tent in Jerusalem, but no longer in the original tabernacle that Moses set up in the wilderness (2 Samuel 6:17).  We see David's deep desire to be in the place where God's glory was present.  The beauty of this verse reveals itself to us today, because our Savior has come.  We no longer have to cleanse ourselves or have a high priest enter into God's presence on our behalf because Jesus already has (Hebrews 4:16)!  Jesus created a way for us to have direct access to God through the Holy Spirit who dwells within believers in Christ today.  Little did David know that one day God's glory and Spirit could dwell in our homes because we as believers dwell in our homes.  I pray that our homes would be places of refuge and safety and be FULL of God's glory.  Laurel Keller

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