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Tea Towel Acts 2:46

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Tea Towel Acts 2:46

This little tea towel is the perfect addition to any kitchen!  A great gift for friends, family, newlyweds or just because.

Towel is made of natural canvas and measures 28"x28"

Why Acts 2:46

During the book of Acts we see the early Apostles traveling and sharing the Gospel.  Those that heard and believed this truth were forever changed.  This verse gives us a glimpse into their hearts after hearing the Gospel. They met together every day.  They shared meals.  They prayed together.  They shared their possessions.  They gave to those in need.  We may see this verse and think of fellowship, which is a necessary practice in our lives as believers.  But in addition to meeting together, they challenged each other and taught the Scriptures to one another.  I cannot begin to explain how accountability and studying the Word with others has changed my walk with the Lord.  They also practiced communion every day.  They never wanted to forget what Jesus had done for them.  I pray that our homes are not only filled with fellowship and godly conversations, but are places where we remember each and every day the life-changing gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.  Laurel Keller


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